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How to Use Microgreens


There are as many ways to use your microgreens as

you can imagine, but a few tried and true uses will

help you make the most of your greens.





Any of the microgreens make an excellent

addition to salads. They can be sprinkled on top

for a burst of flavor and nutrition.

They can be used to replace adult vegetables


Pastas and Stir-fry’s

Microgreens can be sprinkled on top of any hot

dish, but some also hold up to cooking or tossing

with hot noodles.

  • Any of the Pea Shoots can be lightly sautéed

       with garlic and soy sauce for a wonderful

       simple side dish.

  • Buckwheat greens can be cooked like spinach

       and make an interesting, slightly sour addition

       to many egg dishes.


  • Brassicas (cabbage, kale, mustards) are

       perfect for tossing with pasta just before

       serving. The heat wilts them slightly but the

       stems retain their pleasant crunch.

Main Dishes

Using microgreens to augment the flavors of

meats or other main dishes is easy if you think of

them as similar in flavor to their adult

counterpoints. Broccoli goes well sprinkled on

steak. Kale combined with pesto noodles and

grilled veggies makes a savory dish. Mustards are

terrific on chicken or soy-based dishes. Radishes

add spice to any dish.

Microgreens can also make a fantastic dressing

particularly the spicier options like mustards.

Try chopping the greens finely and mixing with

oil and vinegar. Or use your blender to make a

smooth dressing with yoghurt, microgreens and

a little salt.


Many microgreens make adding nutrition to

smoothies simple and tasty.

We recommend using some of our milder

options to start and experimenting with more

robust flavors as you become familiar with


Broccoli, cabbage, kale, tat soi and

sunflowers all add high vitamin and mineral

content to your smoothie with a mild flavor.

Chef’s Note: Most live trays can be held in the walk-in for up to

a week. Be sure to store them on the top rack to comply with

food safety regulations. They will not continue to grow but

they will stay alive and be ready to cut when you are.

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