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Order Cutoff Times:Thursday 9 a.m.for Friday Afternoon Delivery . Thank you for supporting Local Farmers! 
All products are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Crops may be subject to shortages due to high demand or seasonal conditions.

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P A C K A G E S :

Weekly Essentials - $50
One each of the Micro Salad, Micro Mix, Wellness Mix, and Sunflower Shoots. Your salad and green smoothie essentials. Enough microgreens to make a green smoothie and a microgreen salad five days a week.

Detox - $55
Four Wellness Mixes, one pound of Sunflower Shoots. Just the right amount to have a sulforaphane-rich green smoothie and salad each day. 

Daily Greens - $75
Two Micro Salads, two Wellness Mixes, one Micro Mix, and one pound of Sunflower Shoots. Ensure optimal nutrition and simplify meal prep with super easy super foods every day of the week. 

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